Wednesday, January 26

Any Happy Ending?

There's only one of two ways my life will end,
Am I going to die happy, loved and content?
Or will my days end, looking for something better just around the bend?
Chariot of fire, or angel special sent?

I could die sad, but I'd really rather not
Depends if I find the one, my Mr. Right.
Will I sneak in the back, hope I don't get caught
Hold my breath and wait for the fight?

I could die in the arms of a man I really love
Memories of our life, our time as girl and boy
Patiently wait for my ride from above
I pray my death brings sorrow and joy.

Will I go out with anger and blood, tears and abandon?
Lonely is a side effect, alone is a choice.
Maybe I'll die by fatal attraction
Know I stopped to listen to the voice.

But is it too much to wish for a perfect life?
Diamond ring, vows, pretty white princess dress.
My wish? to be a mother and a wife
Am I wrong to refuse to settle for less?

No one knows how my last hour will conclude. 
I could guess, I could surmise.
I could hurry it along. Maybe it will end as if it had been cued.
But for me, I'd prefer a surprise.

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