Monday, October 18

Uncelebrity Playlist Blogcast

If you've ever listened to the iTunes Celebrity Playlist Podcast, it is a certain celebrity each week who plays pieces of their fave songs and discusses them. So here is my stab at that. I hope you enjoy...
First up- Youngstown by Bruce Springsteen
This is the most amazing song, it has such a raw, completely stripped down, emotional sound to it, it always puts me in a certain mood. It's a really hard to describe song, but it will be one of your faves, I all but guarantee.

Society by Eddie Vedder
This song was on the Into the Wild soundtrack, what an incredible movie, and this song is so powerful. I have been talking to friends at random parties, and heard this song come on,  and I will literally stop talking so that I can listen to the song. It is so real, and so heart felt, and it will always remind me of the Into the Wild movie.

Black Dahlia by Hollywood Undead
I would be so sad and disappointed with myself if I didn't have at least one song by HU on this list. Hollywood Undead is a fairly new band out of LA, they are a mix of hip-hop and rock, with the occasional more heavy metal song, like this one. This song is really really sad, and will always be important to me. It talks about a guy being left behind by the girl he loved and is really hurt and bitter over the whole experience. One of the lines is so bittersweet, "I wish I could I could have quit you. I wish I never missed you, And told you that I loved you, every time I fucked you." The song is just so sad, and heartfelt, none of their music is very clean, but if you've been dumped and hurt, this is a song to listen to...

Four Seasons by Vivaldi
Complete turnaround from the previous song, but this is also one of my all time favorites. I took classical piano lessons as a kid, and this was a song I always wanted to learn. I never did, but I still love it wholeheartedly. This is the kind of song that makes you grab someone and waltz around your living room. It's weird, I only have this song on an old LP, and the quality really sucks, but somehow it makes the song even better!

Deeper Well by Emmylou Harris
My dad was a huge Emmy fan from way back in the day, but for a really long time, I never picked up his obsession. Then I heard two different songs that she sang, this one, and A Love That Will Never Grow Old, and between those two songs I became a big fan. Her music is always very real, and emotional, but this song has a very unique sound, and a harmony that gets stuck in my head. You don't have to like this song, but give it a listen, you may change your mind.

Living Dead Girl by Rob Zombie
From the start this song is unusual, and a song to be reckoned with. I first listened to Dragula by Rob Zombie, and like his music, then a good friend suggested this song, and honestly, it's even better. I don't even know how to describe it, so I guess I'll go with good, it has a very energetic sound, and the lyrics are inspired. It's definitely not the kind of song you want your grandma listening to, but it is a really great song.

Come Baby Come by K7
This song will always bring to mind my best friend and I hamming it up in the pool parking lot on a summer night. We were model-walking and strutting our stuff in general. This is a really catchy song, one I love playing  when I'm driving through town traffic. It's hard to describe, but fun and funny and really significant to me.

Emo Song by Adam and Andrew
This is the kind of song you play when you're really really bored, and/or incredibly disenchanted with your generation. I love this song, it's a little dirty, but really funny, and all in all, a total satirical song. It completely mocks the Emo scene. If you're an emo, you probably won't find it as amusing, but who knows, I could be wrong!

Up on the Ridge by Dierks Bentley
Weird as it sounds, this song is one of my happy songs. It is so sweet, and uncomplicated, and completely amazing. This is Dierks first serious bluegrass album, and I love it so much! This song describes a perfect way of life, and a really amazing relationship. Dierks really brought it this time, and hopefully you'll love this song as much as I do.

Fear by Disturbed
No playlist is complete without Disturbed. What an amazing song. I'm not gonna BS about it for ten minutes. It has a great sound, and you either love it or hate it. It's up to you!

Voyage of Beliefs by FM Static
This song is seriously addictive, and really amazing. I love the message, and the music is really terrific.

Beer on the Table by Josh Thompson
I feel seriously sacrilegious by putting this one up on the heels of a powerhouse Christian song like Voyage of Beliefs by I had nowhere else to put it. This is a cool song, I'll admit, but that is not the reason I put it on this list. This song will forever by David's song in my opinion. David is my best friend in the world, and the most amazing person I could ever hope to know. This is the song he blasts every time I let him DJ in my truck. He was gone this summer, and I can't begin to put into words how much I missed him and listening to this song. It fits him and his personality to a T. This won't mean anything to the people who read this, because you don't know David, or me probably, for that matter. But this is a song I play when I miss the crazy amazing guy who I'm lucky enough to call my best friend, and when I can't hug him at the moment.

Telluride by Tina Collins
Tina is a small label singer right now, but I have no doubt someday she will be very well known. Her music is solid folk, and really amazing. This song is just so sweet, and completely poignant that I couldn't leave it out.

No Feelings by the Sex Pistols
I couldn't in all good conscience do a playlist without some older music, and the Sex Pistols are just amazing.
This song is really great in my opinion, but it seems it's also a song you either love or HATE. I can't find anyone who is completely neutral on it. Hope you like it!

And finally....
Six Pack by Black Flag
As for punk, Black Flag is it. They are amazing, and if you start listening, you will never refer to Avril Lavignes candycoated pop as "punk" again. I hope you love this song.

Signing over and out, this is PolkaDotSocks. Hope you love these songs as completely as I do. If not, comment, let me know about amazing music I don't know exists, I'm still learning too after all.

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