Tuesday, May 17

As the Sky Falls

We see the world they way we've been taught.
We chase things just long enough, they refuse to be caught.
I watched you tonight, you smiled and laughed;
How do I compare to that? I'm only just me.

Just me. I'm only one girl. I can only see the world this way.
I'm blind to how it all works. I don't know what to say.
But this time I want you to hear me. I want you to know.
I spent a long time, fearing the world. I was scared of what could happen.

I walked and meandered. I thought, but never felt.
I thought I understood, but I needed to be held.
Things are complicated, a tangled web of feelings.
We make them worse, every day a another strand of fear.

People walk around me, the sky begins to fall.
I look around this world and I feel so terribly small.
This time you drive away, and I struggle beneath it all.
I never thought I'd feel this way, powerless and alone.

I have to start all over, this time I'm on my own.
I judge everyones reaction--their look, their feel, their tone.
How do I know when I find myself the one?
Does a voice speak aloud, a warning bell, a gong?

I spent so much time with you, I forgot how to fall again.
This time is different, I remember how it went then.
I change it all, I make him mine, I don't waste this chance.
This one is for me, I can see that now. I'm supposed to smile and dance.

The greatest things in life are love, family and hope.
You gave me love, fear and doubt. Showed me how to cope.
He gave me family. He gave me hope, he loved me through it all.
And this time I know what to say, when the sky begins to fall.