Wednesday, February 9

College plans...

This previous weekend I went to Denver to hang out with family, and check out the college I was thinking about. One thing led to another and by Saturday night I had application paperwork, and student housing paperwork. Classes start the weekend after the Fourth of July. There are so many things I have to do before I will be safely ensconced within the walls of the Art Institute. I have to take the Accuplacer test, I have to get my transcripts, I have to fill out paperwork, pray that I can find some form of financial aid, or a scholarship. I have to fill out page after page of roommate application paperwork, I have to fill out the actual application. I have to write essays. And, if all goes according to plan, and I hope it does, then after I get accepted I have even more work to do. I have to find a job in Denver, I have to go shopping for everything I'll need while I'm living in "The Towers." I have to buy books, schedule classes, get my work clothes for lab. I have to pack roughly a quarter of my precious belongings, and move them in amongst those of a girl I don't yet know. I have to say goodbye to my family, take a million pictures, and get in my truck and drive away. I have to download Skype on my laptop (another thing I need to buy) so I can talk to my family, and my Emily and Jeff and whoever else I won't survive without. I'll have to fondle our beagles ears, kiss my horses nose, ruff up my cat, and kiss my youthful innocence goodbye. I'll have to enter the hustle and bustle of a city of 2.9 million people, and lose the importance I have in a small town. I won't be Anni, Dave and Kelly's daughter, anymore. I'll be judged on my own now. I will be held to the criticisms of the other kids in my classes. I'll be held accountable for my actions, and won't be able to get by on my family's reputation. I won't be able to run outside, and dash through our trees with our beagle. I'll be fenced in by too many miles of road between myself and my precious family. But not all is lost. I will gain an identity. I will become my own person. I will be given wings, and only I will be able to limit my flight. I will make new friends, some for life. I will fall in love, maybe for a week, maybe forever. I will take classes that challenge me, and my beliefs. I will take a stand for everything I believe in. And in so doing will reaffirm my loyalties. I will get an education, and gain responsibility. I will strengthen and deepen my independence. I will have achieved something worthy of note. I will become a college graduate. I will be recognized for my talents and abilities. I will accomplish something that I sent my mind on. So with the next 5 months looking intimidating, but nonetheless attainable, I'm excited for my future and all it holds for me.

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