Wednesday, September 22

First post!!

Well, this promises to be interesting. I've never had a blog before, but let's face it, I've got enough to talk about for a city full of bloggers. Anybody who wants to crawl inside my head, steal my thoughts, and blog with them will be most certainly met with boxes and crates, and many many cobwebs. I'm sorry!
As for the the ramblings of a teenage rebel, I have to admit, I am getting better as far as rebelling goes, I've learned to hide it from my parents. So don't expect every post to be angsty and remarkably dark. I'm a fairly happy person, I just have moments of intense irritation and moodiness.
I'm a fairly average teen girl, I've had a couple boyfriends, nothing promising, or noteworthy. I dearly love chocolate, and cooking, so my addiction is always well supplied. I'm more than a little crazy, and I enjoy scaring my friends with my hair raising antics. I'm sure I could and should and would say more, but I have other plans for the hours left before bedtime. I bid you adieu and must warn you, that there will probably be more posts. Give me time, and gentle critique.

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